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Updated: Jan 27, 2022





PHP projects involve writing code and then saving the same with a .php extension. However, the thing that’s different for a PHP project compared to other popular web technologies, like HTML and JavaScript, is that the code is executed on the server and not on the client-side.

This means that if you try to run the PHP code in a web browser, it results in the web browser printing the entire code. It would be best if you had a server to execute PHP projects or scripts. We’ll come to this part later in the article.

PHP is a scripting language that powers most websites today. Therefore, PHP projects refer to websites, web apps, applications, anything and everything that is developed by leveraging PHP. So, let’s start the discussion with things that go into a PHP project.

MySQL - Perhaps the most preferred database for PHP development. The classic DBMS is the most popular open-source relational database. Available in both free and paid subscriptions. PHP offers inherent connection support via the sasql_connect() command in PHP 5. In PHP 7, the connection is established using the MySQL extension or the pdo_mysql driver.

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