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What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language that is used to carry out server-side scripting. This programming language is used by the companies to do web development and is famously called as Hypertext processor. This helps developers to create compelling web pages. The best part of this language is that, it is a cross platform language that works on server side and as an HTML  scripting language. The commands that are in PHP language are incorporated in the HTML documents. In addition, PHP scripts are embedded in PHP tags. As PHP is in tags so it lets the author to switch from HTML to PHP rather than relying on the huge levels of code to get HTML output. 


PHP Services


Core PHP

PHP Homework include:

Scripting language –Hypertext preprocessor

problems; Code createdto run on web servers and embedded into html; Command line interface and standalone graphical applications;

Object-orientated –

.php, .phtml, .php5,and .phps

PHP Frameworks

PHP Homework include:

CodeIgniter framework

Laravel framework

CakePhp framework

Symphony framework

Zend framework

Yii 1 & Yii 2 frameworks


PHP Homework include:


Magento1 & Magento 2






Rest API is the web architecture it uses HTTP protocol for exchanging data between two functions that means your application or system.API is a program that uses HTTP request to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

Steps to Create Rest PHP in API

1-First You have to create a Database.

2-Second You have to Create Table.

3-After Creating Database and Table You have to Add Data to Table.

4-Now Create PHP file to Output Data in JSON Format.

5-After Running File, you will Get the Output Data.