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C & C++ Programming Assignment Help

C & C++ Homework Help

Are you looking for an expert help to complete your C & C++ programming assignment? Then, seek the help of our Programming Assignment Help experts who possesses immense knowledge in C & C++ Programming and can complete the assignment on any programming topic irrespective of its level of complexity.

C & C++ Programming  Help


What Is C Programming?

C is the programming language that was first developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Due to its ease of use and reliability, it has become a popular programming language. The best part of C programming is that, it can directly communicate with the hardware devices. The popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX and Linux can run a C language code smoothly. The C programming files will have .c extension. To run C programs, one needs to use a C compiler that will compile the program in the language that is easily understood by the system. C programming uses binary format and is power-packed with 32 keywords and each keyword has a unique meaning.

C programming is the favorite language of many programmers, as it allows you to execute programs quickly compared to the other assembly languages. C programming is used in operating system, language interpreters, network drivers, text editors, utilities and program assemblers.

Advantages of C Programming language include:

  • C language acts as a building block for other assembly languages

  • C language comprises of a wide range of data types and powerful operators

  • Programs that are coded in C language are quick, efficient and are simple to understand

  • C programs is portable and can be easily used on systems

  • C programming supports system programming and graphics


What Is C++ Programming?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language. This is the base for many other programming languages like C#, JavaScript and Python. C++ is one of the oldest programming languages. It builds the platform for students with basic coding skills that are required to master other trending programming languages. C++ programming language was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is an extension of the C language with classes and holds all the properties that C language has with additional classes.  This is the popular language that comprises of pointers, polymorphism, namespaces, virtual, friend functions, etc. There are many features that are not available in C, but are available in C++ language. This language is used to develop massive development projects.

Advantages that are offered by C++ programming language include :

  • C++ programming language is portable and helps programmers to craft the program irrespective of the hardware and operating systems used

  • Used in low-level programming and is widely used for general purpose

  • Allows handling exceptions and overloaded functions

  • Considers as a powerful programming language that is highly efficient and quick

  • Allow you to explore a wide range of applications

  • Allow programmers to construct different applications

  • Easy to modify and maintain the current code

  • Classes in C++ help the programmers a lot

  • Every program that is written in this language can be consolidated or compiled in C++ language

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