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Nowadays We can’t imagine a life without internet. What I actually mean to say is that today, we are so used to and depending on the internet that without internet we will be even unable to start our day. We use internet for different purposes.

Everything that we use in our day to day life is dependent on the internet like shopping to paying bills, booking, food, clothing etc. Certainly, the internet is a boon to mankind and life will be very difficult without internet. But the main fact is that the whole internet stuffs that we are doing today involve the use of a specific website. What I actually want to say is that in our daily life different types of websites are playing a very significant role.

So the question is can we imagine our current lives without these web-based technologies and the programming languages that are used to run these enormous websites, surely not. In this article as well, I am discussing a programming language that constitutes the foundation of millions of websites that are running today.

PHP is the programming language that I am talking. Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP. Personal Home Page was the original description of PHP but now it is known as Hypertext Pre-processor. It is significantly used in web designing.

Fundamentally, PHP is a server-side scripting language but it can be used as well as a general-purpose programming language. Currently, millions of websites that are running on the PHP based platform and that is why it is very powerful programming language.

PHP has many significant and unique features which makes it ideal and perfect for web designing. Some sorts of techniques are present in PHP like other programming languages like which again makes it very impressive and powerful.

Some of the topics covered by PHP Programming Assignment Help -

  • Introduction to PHP, PHP if.Else

  • PHP guide, Syntax, Switch, Opening, Closing

  • PHP tags, looks, Echo Statement, Variables Breaking out of Loops

  • PHP Mall function, PHP Date and Time Function, PHP String, PHP String Function

  • PHP Operators, PHP Whitespace PHP Comments, PHP Instruction Termination and other complex topics.

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