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What Activities are Performed by JavaScript?

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JavaScript performs below activities:

  • JavaScript is used by the creative designers as a programming tool. This language has simple syntaxes that make easy for not just developers, but also designers to easily understand it.

  • JavaScript has the ability to read HTML components. Moreover, it can read and change the content of HTML elements.

  • JavaScript can verify data. JavaScript will let you to verify the data prior to loading into the server, thus saving extra processing.

  • JavaScript is used to create cookies. This allows easy storing and recovering information from the user’s system.

  • Java and JavaScript are two different languages that are different in the design and idea.

Significance Of JavaScript Language For Students-----------

Students pursuing their computer degree should complete JavaScript assignments to sharpen their skills in this language. Be the student is pursuing computers or other courses, JavaScript has become mandatory subject. Excelling in this subject would help students have a bright professional career.

  • JavaScript assignment is given to students to measure their proficiency in the language and various topics of JavaScript

  • Improve knowledge of the fundamental concepts of JavaScript.

  • Learn various writing techniques to write JavaScript functions with the help of data syntax, functions, program loops and if-then conditions

  • Improve sound knowledge of information that is in the property of JavaScript.

  • Learn about various operators, objects, arrays and loops. In addition, you can also gain extensive knowledge on HTMLAJAX, cookies, CSS and JSONP.

  • Develop strong knowledge on testing data, cross-browser compatibility, JavaScript platforms, browsers, validation mechanism, validating data management and non-text objects.

  • Learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), calling asynchronous server through AJAX and development of DHTML components

  • Learn to handle JavaScript events and various concepts of the document object modeling

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