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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

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Database Management Assignment Help -

A database is used to organize the collection of the information that can be easily managed, accessed and updated. One can classify the databases according to the types of content organized in it. This classification can be full text, bibliographic, images and numeric.

The basic idea behind creating a database is to provide an easy mechanism for managing, storing and recover the information. Tables are used to achieve these functionalities in the database management system.

Microsoft Excel sheet with grids can be used for a fine analogy for the tables. Columns and rows are present in the relational database tables. A different type of attribute is present in each column and each row is a single record.

For instance, a record can be a form of an entry within a database with names and telephone numbers. In such type of database we would probably set up the columns as First Name, Last Name and Telephone Number respectively.

Importance of Database Management Assignment Help -

There has been a proliferation of data from several years, which has created a need of a robust database that is well developed to hold millions of entries. A database is required in each type of a business. For example, if we check out the LinkedIn application, one could easily see that it is all about data. Same type of database is required for Facebook and Google.

Apart from holding the information in a database, retrieving the data is also an important feature of a database. A database would be considered useless, if a user would not be able to retrieve any type of data from a database at an efficient speed. Hence, it is important to design a database efficiently and effectively.

Softcodershub experts are well qualified and experienced with the concept of database management system and we can help with all types of related topics Such as:

  • Data Definition and Data Manipulation Languages

  • Database system architecture Data Abstraction

  • Data Independence

  • Integrity constraints and data manipulation operations

  • Data models Entity-relationship

  • Network, relational and object oriented data models

  • SQL and QBE

  • Relational query languages Relational algebra

  • Relational database design Domain and data dependency

  • Domain relational calculus

  • Armstrong's axioms

  • Normal forms including 1NF, 2NF and 3NF

  • Dependency preservation, lossless design

  • Query processing and optimization Evaluation of relational algebra expressions

  • Storage strategies Indices, B-trees, hashing

  • Multisession and optimistic Concurrency Control schemes

  • Query equivalence, join strategies

  • Transaction processing Recovery and concurrency control

  • Locking and timestamp based schedulers

  • Query optimization algorithms

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